Discover A Shared Dream Kitchen

To Start, Grow, or Expand Your Food Service Dream

FOOD BUSINESS Starting a new business, outgrowing your current home or shared kitchen space or just expanding an already established business. Dream Kitchen can help you find the perfect facility option. Find out why other Entrepreneurs just like you are are using Dream Kitchen to Start, Grow, and Expand their Food-service Dream.

1. Create Your Free Smart Launch Profile
Upload pictures of your products, Information on your concept, and details about yourself. Our Smart Profile will track your progress and provide assistance. This assistance will become a valuable tool as you begin crossing your t’s and dot your i’s in preparation for a successful kitchen launch. Think of your Dream Kitchen profile as a personal assistant providing you with relevant information and keeping you on track to success.
2. Contact Us
Take time to browse by kitchen type, equipment needs, locations, services, and much more. This allows you to narrow in on a location that best suits yours needs, while your Smart Launch Profile ensures the pieces come together in a timely and organized fashion.
3. Access Your Kitchen
Once your kitchen rental application has been approved, we then provide you valuable management tools. A key card to enter the kitchen, a Members Portal allows you to view account details and pay bills online, and access to a Station/Resource Calendar allows you to book time at the kitchen 24/7 365 from any smart phone, tablet, or desktop.